Since we began tracking reasons for executive coaching in 1998, twelve distinct ‘themes’ have emerged. These are the broad areas that our leaders have consistently requested coaching on.

1. Personal, Professional and Organizational Performance
2. Critical Conversations and Decision Making
3. Day-to-Day Issues and Long Term Strategic Planning
4. Motivating, Leading and Developing Others
5. Fostering Significant Ideas and Projects
6. Succession Planning and Grooming for Advancement
7. Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships
8. Time Control, Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout
9. Maximizing Opportunities in Change and Transition
10. Career Satisfaction and Transitions
11. Values, Integrity and Personal Contribution
12. Changing Possible Career Limiting Behaviors

You’ll notice that this just about covers the spectrum of what leaders experience in their day to day life, work and leadership. There’s not much I haven’t coached around over this course of time.

Please contact us with the specifics of your situation and we will develop an executive coaching engagement for you.

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