Calculating Return on Investment for executive coaching requires proper tools and attention.

Quantifiable return is real, but some of the vast benefits of coaching are more subjective. They are less about numbers and more about improved attitudes, communication, decision making and any number of other things that work together and lead to measurable success.

We will enable you to follow both objective and subjective results. Our tracking system will help your organization understand some of the key results that flow from the coaching engagement and will prove beneficial whether one person or one hundred people are receiving coaching.

Starting Points

  • Measure any result that provides useful feedback.
  • Some things that provide useful feedback will be objective, others subjective.
  • Clarify what the client can actually achieve or where they can exert influence.
  • To maximize success, align the organization’s desired outcomes for coaching with the client’s personal plan of development.

We Use 5 Levels of Evaluation

At intervals throughout the coaching engagement we monitor changes in learning, skills, attitude and implementation.

Level 1 Reaction to Improved Performance
How well does the client think they acted on their stated objectives?

Level 2 Perceived Learning
What did the client learn during the engagement?

Level 3 On-the-Job Application
What new learning, skills or attitudes, did the client apply on the job?

Level 4 Business Results
What changes in results or productivity have been observed on the job?

Level 5 Return on Investment
Did the monetary value of the results exceed the cost of the coaching?

We provide the individual and the organization all worksheets and instructions to arrive at a meaningful calculation of return on investment. From experience, most organizations don’t request it but we are happy to make it available and work with you to make sure it is meaningful and results driven.