You can stop resisting change and beat burnout. It may seem like a fearful direction to take right now. But you know it is something that has to be done. An executive coach can help you make the transitions needed.

Are burnout and resistance to change connected? Absolutely. Moving in a new direction usually involves some degree of change yet many experiencing burnout have failed to move forward because they are so busy resisting the very thing they need.

We resist because we have become comfortable in the place in which we’re at. We may even have become comfortable in a less than satisfactory situation. Eventually it will lead us in directions and to places we don’t want to go.

Often those feeling burned out are familiar with the pain, but fear the unfamiliarity of change more, so it seems better to stay with something we already know than have to step out and experience, learn or embrace the unfamiliar.

Secretly we want to avoid change. We don’t yet feel the pain enough to cause us to step out into the unknown. That step is going to be necessary to find ways to deal with this intensity of stress. I encourage you to make a definite decision to do what ever it will take to deal with this. Stop resisting change and beat burnout. It can be done.