Looking for executive coaching to deal with burnout?

“For 24 years, my job has been clear. Help leaders and executives maximize contribution and achievement while minimizing those things that can lead to overload and burnout.”  Executive Coach, Gary Wood

This unique executive leadership coaching program comes out of many years and many thousands of hours of personal coaching, training, and one-to-one leadership development work with high-contribution leaders and professionals.

Leaders retain me when they know they are at a crossroad, and must address:

STRESS: Deal with intensity, overload or burnout
PERFORMANCE: Regain productivity and effectiveness

Deal with Overload or Burnout

Minimize those things that lead to overload and burnout.

Regain Productivity and Effectiveness

Elevate those things that sustain contribution and achievement.

How to Get Over Burnout

The leaders I work with are highly committed. They carry major responsibilities. They have a demanding workload – often in a rapidly changing and stressful environment. And, they manage high expectations, both from themselves and from others. They MUST remain productive, even during periods of significant stress. Job burnout is not an option.

If you require executive leadership coaching to deal with burnout – whether you work or lead within corporate, government, business or nonprofit – general-market or faith based – I am noted for zeroing in quickly to help you clarify and act on those few things that will make the biggest difference moving forward. Reach out to me right now.

Throughout life, take advantage of hundreds of thousands of courses, programs, coaches and consultants, for whatever purposes you have in mind…

Executive Leadership Coach Gary Wood

… BUT, call me to work through those few demanding, extended periods of intensity. If you are in a situation where you find yourself asking, “What does burnout feel like? What are the signs of burnout?” Let’s connect.

By taking advantage of this personalized leadership development program, you will benefit in your next project, across your career, and throughout your lifetime.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and participation. Or find out about the complimentary Beat Burnout Call here.

Get clarity. Find solutions. Beat burnout.

“Helping leaders maximize contribution and achievement while minimizing those things that can lead to overload and burnout.”
Gary Wood, Executive Coach

Beat Burnout – Free eBook

A LOT of leaders feel like they’re “running on empty.” Maybe you’re one of them. This eBook is a roll-up-your-sleeves guide to help you deal with overload and burnout. It’s totally practical. There isn’t a lot of fluff. In just a few pages you’ll find your first worksheet.

After spending many thousands of hours coaching leaders and executives dealing with overload and burnout, I’m giving YOU a starting point to gain insight, take action and beat burnout.


Professional Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation
Board Certified Coach with Center for Credentialing and Education
Certified Master Christian Coach with Christian Coaches Network International
Certified Emotional Intelligence with Target Training International


Teaching Faculty at Professional Christian Coaching Institute