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Gary Wood

Call Gary to work through those few unusual periods of intensity to avoid burnout and still achieve priorities.

I’ve been providing executive coaching and dealing with burnout for over twenty years. The leaders I work with are highly committed, carry major responsibilities and have a demanding workload. They manage high expectations, both from themselves and from others. They must remain productive – even during periods of significant stress.

Whether you work or lead within corporate, government, business or nonprofit – general-market or faith based – I am noted for zero-ing in quickly to help you clarify and act on those few things that will make the biggest difference moving forward.

Deal with Overload and Burnout

Minimize those things that lead to overload and burnout.

Far too many leaders and executives experience burnout. As a society, we may lose twenty to fifty years of thought leadership, passion and innovation when a high-contribution individual retreats or is removed from the forefront and decides to drastically reduce or never again assume important responsibilities.

Don’t let this be you or any of the leaders of professionals in your organization. I will work in confidence with you or one of your team – internationally, by phone or Skype – to improve performance and mitigate overload or burnout.

Find and Adopt Better Strategies Moving Forward

Elevate those things that sustain contribution and achievement.

To remain a high-value contributor – whether leader, executive, manager, or professional – you must maximize and continue to improve time management skills, deliver on workplace productivity, and achieve defined priorities, no matter the circumstances.

After many years and many thousands of hours of personal coaching, training and partnering to foster clarity and enhance momentum, I understand how to help committed individuals regain and increase their capacity to work and lead with greater effectiveness, less stress and improved results.

Master a Handful of Difference-Making Competencies

Work and lead from a position of wisdom and confidence.

In any situation, just one of 5 possible priorities will make the biggest difference moving forward. Clarity & Momentum Thinking will give you a confident advantage in meetings and activities like, planning, decision-making, communication, project execution and troubleshooting problems. Become known as the go-to leader when a wise solution is needed.

Defining outcomes. Getting clarity. Fostering ownership. Creating structure. Maintaining momentum. Mastering these competencies for yourself and throughout your organization will allow you to maximize contribution and achievement with less stress and greater satisfaction.

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Get clarity, find solutions, and beat burnout.

By making available coaching, advanced leadership skill development, and a structure to support application, you and members of your team can benefit for a lifetime.

Our aim is to provide as well-rounded, holistic approach to our specialized area of executive coaching and dealing with burnout as we possibly can.

Please contact us to discuss how we can best be of assistance.

“Helping leaders maximize contribution and achievement while minimizing those things that can lead to overload and burnout.”

Gary Wood, Executive Coach

Balance, Not Burnout – Free eBook

A LOT of leaders feel like they’re “running on empty.” Maybe you’re one of them. This eBook is a roll-up-your-sleeves guide to help you deal with overload and burnout. It’s totally practical. There isn’t a lot of fluff. In just a few pages you’ll find your first worksheet.

After spending many thousands of hours coaching leaders and executives dealing with overload and burnout, I’m giving YOU a starting point to gain insight, take action and beat burnout.