Avoid using the word should. Stop saying I “should” do “this or that.”

You probably know one or two people who constantly say, “I should have done that” or “I should do this”. That is just wishing time away. And give up any hope of improving the past. You have today to make good decisions that will affect tomorrow.


Make plans with purpose. Say, “I will …” and then do it. People end up going through their whole life disappointed, because they never realized their dreams or goals. And that didn’t happen because they didn’t get out of the dreaming stage and into the planning and action stage.

Make a list of your ‘shoulds.’ Keep the ones that are real to you. Toss the rest. Now put action steps beside them and go out and make them happen.

“He walked beneath the moon and slept beneath the sun. He lived a life of going to do and died with nothing done.”


Five Days of Action

Make a list of all your ‘shoulds.’ Be thorough. What ones will really add value to your life and move you closer to those things that matter to you or your business? Keep them. Toss the rest. If your ‘shoulds’ are all hang-ups, schedule a visit with a therapist. Otherwise adopt a moving forward, positive attitude.

Today is a planning day. Re-examine your list. Put ‘I will’ in place of each ‘should.’ Now create a three step plan for the fulfillment of each one. It’s okay if it’s two or four steps. Just create a doable action plan. Transfer any elements you can to your day planner.

Today is action day. Start making your ‘shoulds’ (which are now ‘I wills’) into real action. If its worth thinking about, it’s worth doing. Celebrate the fact you are taking action.

Don’t go through your life disappointed that you never really stretched for your dreams. Think about those bigger, longer term items that maybe aren’t ‘shoulds’ but are rather ‘I wants’ or ‘I’ve always wanted tos’. Make some plans for turning these into reality too. It’s time to step out and see if those dreams can be acted on.

‘Shoulds’ drain so much energy out of individuals and teams. Help your staff to deal with their ‘shoulds’ today. You’ve learned a lot from dealing with yours. Share the secrets.