Build Character. Be a Leader Worthy of Looking Up To.

Build character. Good people are attracted to a leader of good character. They are challenged to do better and achieve more. They feel that their commitment and contribution are valued. Leaders with character are seen as role models and valued as individuals. People will give their best to a leader like that and raise themselves to a higher standard for them.

Build character. Seek to be a better person tomorrow than you are today. Deliberately think about how you relate to yourself and those around you and make changes to attitudes and actions that need adjustment. Value the feedback of others on your journey to become a better you.

You always have a choice to change. You are a leader who can deal with outbursts of irritation or lack of empathy as decisively as you can change a direction for your company. Regularly reintroduce the new, improved you. You will get more from yourself and from those who look to you for leadership.

“We use our busyness as a measure of our self-worth and importance. We define our sense of purpose and our meaning in terms of our to-do list. We’ve internalized the clear social message that busy people are worthy people, even morally superior people.”

Marshall Cook, Time Management

Five Days of Action

Create a list of positive characteristics you look for in other people. Now make a list of negative characteristics you notice. Apply the two lists to yourself. Be honest – are there attributes you should watch for and eliminate?

Today, work on you. Add one or two characteristics to your Personal Development Plan that you will either begin adding to or subtracting from your behavior. Create a plan for implementing these changes and write it down. This plan might encompass changes to general behaviors and attitudes, or it might specifically include actions towards individuals in your sphere of influence.

Get up today as a different you. Be conscious throughout the day of working on those characteristics you are adding or subtracting. Remember that if you are going to take away a negative behavior, you will need to replace it with its positive counterpart.

Challenge your staff to build character. Done right, this has the potential to change the work environment dramatically. Don’t set yourself up as a model to follow but a partner to join with.

Notice the good characteristics in others. Their character contributes positively to the effectiveness of any team they are a part of. Those character traits that are less desirable can actually restrain a team from operating at its peak potential. While not allowing yourself to become the morality police, determine to encourage and reward positive character building from now on.