Use the 80-20 Rule

Capture your thoughts. Carry some kind of memo book, recorder or electronic note taker with you. Do not lose a great idea. I literally use a little black book to make notes. I have about 130 of them going back many years. They contain almost every kind of information that has gone through my head, both business and personal.

I can look back several years and find notes on a meeting, poignant quotes from books I have read, project notes and hundreds of other things. Most significantly, I can look back and find my ideas.

What is one good idea worth to you? I know I don’t want to lose any of mine. But if you don’t get it written down it may be lost. Find a way to capture it for later use.

“Your success depends on how well you think. You are not paid to collect, sort, store or retrieve information, although you may do all of these things. You are paid to interpret that information and to create and implement new ideas.”

Glenn Dietzel, Author and Grow Rich 2008

Five Days of Action

Ideas have shaped the world. Some ideas have been worth millions, or have profoundly shaped the lives of people for the better. Some have changed whole nations in positive and profound ways. Ideas matter. Record yours.

Today is about capturing your ideas. This will not only help you to remember and retrieve information, it will help you to think bigger. The very act of articulating what is in your head gives it life and clarity. Be intentional about saving your thoughts for written or recorded posterity. Take that information and turn it into positive momentum, action that will make a difference in your life or the lives of others.

Starting today, carry with you some means of capturing your thoughts at all times. Use whatever works best for you in the various situations you typically experience. Don’t get stuck on whether it’s high tech or low tech – it doesn’t matter. Get into the habit of recording anything you want to remember.

Begin to organize your thoughts. Plan for a way to access your ideas and information easily. You’ve written or recorded it, now make it possible to find it later.

Why you? Why did you have that particular idea pop into your head? Maybe it’s yours to run with. What practical action can you take that will start the ball of an idea rolling down the hill? Write an article or a book, record or make a presentation, talk to someone who can make it happen, make a call, a drawing or a request. If it’s a good idea, give it life.