Celebrate Individual Steps and Acknowledge a Job Well Done

Celebrate individual steps and acknowledge a job well done.

Some people drive themselves and others hard. Take the time to notice progress. Make time to celebrate success. Acknowledge a job well done, or a milestone accomplished. Celebration doesn’t have to be long or elaborate, but it should be there.

Celebrating is proof of effective effort. The mind tucks this fact away and continually says, “We can do this. It is coming along well. We have the proof of having done it before. We are doing an excellent job.”

Take the time to stop and acknowledge. A good solid acknowledgement can create forward momentum. Encouragement is the oil that keeps the engine running. Job well done …

“With every change there is the seed of new opportunity. Yes, not all change is positive growth, but all positive growth does require change. Change is predictable and inevitable, impersonal and relentless. The question is not will change reach you, but how will you respond?”

Dan Miller, 48 Days to the Work You Love

Five Days of Action

Celebration may be as simple as a word of appreciation or as involved as a major event acknowledging a milestone. How good are you at taking the time to acknowledge victories? On this thinking day take the time to examine your appreciation and celebration practices. Do you stop to appreciate or just keep driving yourself and others forward? Is it time for a change in strategy? Be honest with yourself.

Today, appreciate others for a job well done. Be much more aware of victories, improvements and positive changes of attitude. Acknowledge them if appropriate.

Expand your vocabulary of celebration. Don’t begrudgingly say “thanks”. Add some positive, upbuilding words to it. Expand your body language to be more open, relaxed and genuine. Say it like you mean it and say it with a real smile.

Think about how affirming others’ efforts and positive attitudes creates an environment for success. How could this be fostered in a genuine, fun and positive way across the organization? How can you encourage others to follow your example? How can you make celebration contagious?

Celebrate your own life and work. Find a real way to appreciate the contributions you have made. Have some others join you and appreciate and acknowledge them while you’re at it.