Christian Executive Leadership Coaching

For over 22 years I have provided private and confidential Christian executive leadership coaching. I’ve been so honored to serve a broad range of Christian professionals, who have returned again and again to work on other projects. My clients come from corporate, government, business, nonprofit and ministry sectors.

  • Leaders

  • Executives

  • Directors

  • Managers

  • High-value Contributors

  • Board Chairs & Members

Throughout life take advantage of hundreds of thousands of courses, programs, coaches and consultants, for whatever purposes you have in mind. BUT .. call me to work through those few demanding, extended periods of intensity. Deal with overload or burnout, and still continue to be productive and perform well as a high-value contributor.

Gary Wood - Christian Executive Leadership Coaching

Working with Leaders in United States, Canada and Globally

My clients carry major responsibilities locally, nationally and internationally. They own, lead and manage general-market and faith-based organizations, and that means I’ve worked with a broad cross-section of professionals. To see a short list of positions I’ve coached, and some of the organizations in which I’ve served individual professionals, click here.

Keep in mind, many organizations are not included:

  • Because they are small and it might be too easy to identify individuals I worked with.
  • And, overload and burnout hasn’t traditionally been something an executive wishes to announce too loudly. Thankfully this is beginning to change.

Bringing a Seasoned Christian Perspective

I bring a seasoned Christian perspective because I understand the responsibilities and pressures of leadership after more than 45 years of following our Lord, leading and working with leaders. Together, we will identify and work on those things that make the biggest difference moving forward.

On this life experience of Gary Wood page, I give a candid but tongue-in-cheek overview of some of my life experience. It may “ring true” with your own experience. Are you trying to get focused on managing work life balance, and manage your team, and execute your own to-do list? I’ve been there. I get it.

I Would be Honored to Serve You

I welcome the opportunity to assist you. Or, I can coach a member of your team. We can even create a coaching strategy for your entire organization. Contact me to explore how I might be of assistance. Craft a coaching engagement to your unique requirements. Hundreds of executives and leaders have taken advantage of one-to-one Christian executive leadership coaching to advance projects, programs, companies and causes with greater focus and less stress, while decreasing those things that lead to overload and burnout.

If you are looking for a seasoned, Christian Leadership Coach, Phone my office at 705.687.2711 or send a message on the contact form.

“Lord, I pray for the leaders of our states and nations, of business and commerce, of the arts and cultural institutions, of scholarship and the academy, and of social and welfare institutions for their honesty, wisdom, skill, and virtue in their duties, that their work would be a public blessing.” Timothy Keller with Kathy Keller, God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life, c. 2017

Christian Executive Leadership Coaching
Helpful Background Information

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Christian Coaches Network International Code of Professional Conduct – Certified Master Christian Coach and Executive Coach, Gary Wood subscribes to this Code of professional conduct.