Christian Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Coach Gary WoodFor over 20 years I have provided private and confidential Christian executive leadership coaching to corporate, government, business, nonprofit and ministry leaders and executives who are Christians.

My clients carry major responsibilities locally, nationally and internationally. They own, direct and lead in both secular and faith-based organizations.

After more than 40 years of following our Lord and being involved in Christian leadership roles, I bring a seasoned Christian perspective to coaching leaders. I understand the responsibilities and pressures of leadership and zero in very quickly to deal with what matters. There isn’t much I haven’t heard, and I do know how to help you move forward.

I welcome the opportunity to assist you, your organization or a member of your team in reaching your goals. After reviewing who I am, please contact me to explore how I might be of assistance to you, or to craft a coaching engagement to your unique requirements.

Phone my office at 705.687.2711 or send a message on the contact form. What follows is some background information you will find helpful.

6 Months Review of Coaching Christian Executives – A look at six actual months of coaching Christian executives and leaders

Coaching Leaders and Professionals, 12 Key Themes – In coaching leaders and professionals, 12 key themes have emerged over the last almost 20 years

Christian Executives – In Their Own Words – Here is a sampling of what recent leaders said they wanted to work on when they first engaged my coaching services

Spiritual beliefs of Christian Executive Coach Gary Wood – It is very important to me to know what a leader believes, particularly those who say they have some type of relationship with God. The following list will help you understand what it is that I believe about spiritual matters.

Christian Coaches Network International Code of Professional Conduct – Certified Master Christian Coach and Executive Coach, Gary Wood subscribes to this Code of professional conduct.