I’m very alert to the priorities Christian executives use coaching for. The daily give and take of leadership is never static. Response is critical. Sometimes it determines the direction the division, company or organization will take moving forward. Other times it affects only one person or small number of people. Sometimes … it’s all about us personally.

Christian executives and leaders establish clear goals at the beginning of our coaching relationship. Often this involves a mix of both personal and business or ministry priorities.This forms the backdrop for every coaching meeting we have together.

Christian executives

Here is a sampling of what a few more recent leaders said they wanted to work on when they first engaged my coaching services. You may share their sentiments.

  • Some advanced skill development for me as a leader

  • Need to deal with procrastination and a lack of focus

  • I’m looking for my next leadership role and need help determining what that should be

  • Managing the stress from work, when I come home

  • My continual lateness when I am to be at meetings with people

  • I’m hobbled by my fear of failure

  • I work very late in the office and I can’t seem to catch up

  • I need assistance in relating to the board and bringing them into the decision making process

  • New ways of thinking and doing that will take me off the path to burnout

  • Regain my passion for the things God has called me to do

  • I want to run. I don’t know how to take care of myself

  • [The organization] gave me the opportunity to work with a Coach for a year

  • Too many speaking engagements

  • To get my management team to understand clearly the vision and direction

  • Conflict management

  • I need better focus and task completion skills

  • Deal with my poor communication with my leadership

  • I need to cut through a lot of crap and do things differently

  • Better navigate the corporate politics

  • I need to be more interactive with our staff on an one-to-one basis

  • Strained relationships

  • Strategically decide on my commitments for the next two years

  • Upgrade my decision-making process

  • Sitting on too many boards and committees

  • When “I’ve had enough,” my frustrations show. I need to deal with that.

  • Self-management, pure and simple

  • All this has left me drained. I need help.

  • Feel confident I’ve thoroughly evaluated the opportunity in front of us

  • Need more confidence in reading individuals and situations in real time

I welcome the opportunity to assist you in reaching your goals. After reviewing who I am and how I operate, please call to discuss crafting a coaching engagement to your unique requirements. Phone our office at 705-687-2711 or leave a message on the contact form.