In coaching leaders and professionals, 12 key themes have emerged over the last 20-plus years. These represent those areas professionals most want to explore and create action plans around. Here’s the summary. Following that is a little more explanation.

Personal Self-Leadership

  • Time Management, Managing Stress and Avoiding Job Burnout
  • Career Satisfaction and Transitions
  • Values, Integrity and Personal Contribution
  • Changing Possible Career Limiting Behaviors

Working With People

  • Managing Critical Conversations and Communications
  • Motivating, Leading and Developing Others
  • Succession Planning and Grooming for Advancement
  • Building Key Relationships

Getting the Job Done

  • Increasing Daily Productivity and Effectiveness
  • Planning, Goal Setting and Decision Making
  • Fostering Significant Ideas and Projects
  • Maximizing Opportunities in Change and Transition
Christian Executives

In order to prevent burnout AND move forward with greater effectiveness in today’s challenging business and nonprofit environment, you must be on a track of continuous and intentional improvement.

Failure to do so almost certainly increases the risk of floundering in mediocrity and declining in capacity to handle the changing everyday challenges of your position AND have a meaningful life outside of work and at home.

1. Increasing Daily Productivity and Effectiveness:

Streamline your efforts. Make sure the things you need to have happen get done—every time. Do the right things better and accomplish more important things each day that will make the biggest difference to yourself and your organization, now and in the future. We will work together on consistently working the priorities.

2. Planning, Goal Setting and Decision Making:

Short, medium and long-term planning are the backbone of an executive’s moving forward – both for themselves and their organization. We’ll work on having you craft and convey a superior plan for tomorrow, next year and beyond while providing clear leadership in day-to-day operations.

3. Fostering Significant Ideas and Projects:

You’ve got a great staff! You see exciting possibilities. Now make those needed adjustments to get the most from your people and yourself by fostering creativity and shepherding terrific ideas and suggestions through to fruition.

4. Maximizing Opportunities in Change and Transition:

Periods of change provide windows of opportunity to those who are attentive. We’ll work with you to take transition and use it to your advantage, arriving at the best outcomes possible, even in the poorest of circumstances.

5. Managing Critical Conversations and Decision-Making:

Often times, success or failure can hinge on a single conversation, or even a brief moment where you have to “make a decision on the fly.” We’ll help you prepare to have increasingly better conversations and make the best decisions possible when doing so may make a significant difference.

Coaching leaders and professionals always ends up dealing with issues surrounding people, because ultimately it’s the people who will provide performance and productivity. Additionally, some of them (hopefully very few) might also contribute to increased stress in the leader.

6. Motivating, Leading and Developing Others:

You’re leading this organization or some significant part of it. Congratulations! We’ll work together to have you do what it takes to delegate responsibility, be a great motivator and get the most out of your supporting players. Since working with people is an area that often causes the greatest stress, it’s possible you’ll want to spend considerable time here.

Over the years coaching leaders and professionals, we’ve observed most must focus on developing people. People get things done and make things happen. They ARE your key resource.

7. Succession Planning and Grooming for Advancement:

Whether your plan is to groom or be groomed, we’ll work on helping you get a better understanding of how to enlarge your capacity for successfully carrying out greater responsibility. Discover and cultivate the best talent for moving forward key priorities.

8. Building Key Relationships:

Family, Work, Community: 99% of the time, people and your relationships with them will determine your success. We will coach you as you work to achieve stronger, healthier, more loving relationships at home and enhance and navigate those critical to success and satisfaction at work. Again, this is a critical area most leaders and executives spend time on.

9. Time Management, Managing Stress and Avoiding Job Burnout:

If you want to STOP working the insane hours, carrying the world on your shoulders, and still stay on the upward path of advancing your vision, we work together, helping you determine and manage your priorities and put in place self-leadership habits used by the world’s top business and nonprofit leaders.

Things change. Over the course of coaching leaders and professionals, we know they will need to develop the resilience needed to embrace even more change. You might benefit from joining one of our complimentary Beat Burnout Calls. Details are here.

10. Career Satisfaction and Transitions:

What good is all your hard work if you aren’t really happy with your personal work and leadership? We’ll work together to help you achieve real satisfaction on the job – or find a new track that gets you there!

11. Values, Integrity and Personal Contribution:

Is what you contribute and how you do it, at work, at home and in the community, in integrity with your values, beliefs and who you are as a person? We’ll show you why those who pay attention to this internal compass are the most likely to get ahead and be the most personally fulfilled.

12. Changing Possible Career Limiting Behaviors:

You might be holding yourself and your workforce back and not even realize it! We will provide an objective, outside sounding board about possible negative behaviors you might be exhibiting, and how to get rid of them intentionally.

This is your opportunity to learn and implement techniques that are tied into your daily reality. Working with us will help you develop greater effectiveness moving forward, as it has for almost two decades with so many others.

As an executive coaching firm, we pride ourselves on providing personal, generous and highly focused service to our clients. Contact us today and tell us how we may serve you.