I work with Christians who make things happen (just like you) – in companies, nonprofits, governments and ministries. I train and coach them to more quickly zero in on what matters, what’s priority and what to do next.

Leverage and multiplication drives me (and has for 40 years). It’s a prime motivator. Where I can assist 10 leaders, they can reach 10,000 or more. Where I can add value to 1000 leaders, they can serve and impact 1,000,000. Amazing isn’t it. Multiplication and leverage.

So, if I can assist you to work and lead more effectively every day (and I can), you can better execute those things that will make the biggest difference moving forward initiatives, causes, projects and programs that are important to you, your organization and your stakeholders.

Take advantage of something I offer (it represents years of learning, insight and application) or work with me personally and I predict you will have greater satisfaction, less stress and more impact. You will stand out as a valued leader and professional who makes a significant contribution to whatever it is you put your hand to.

Coaching one leader matters.

To you. To me. And to a whole lot of other people you will be able to reach, influence and impact.