Completing an executive assessment is a critical first step for the effective development and deployment of leadership. When combined with thorough analysis and insightful debriefing, the proper assessment is powerful. And I can’t stress the debriefing enough. I’m being extreme, but just about everybody and their cousin provides some type of assessment. And all those who debrief assessments are not equal. There is debriefing and then there is quality so buyer beware.

Here’s How Our Executive Assessment Engagement Works:

  • You contact us to discuss what it is you wish to accomplish
  • We determine a strategy, what assessments to use and logistics
  • We send links to participants in order to take the online assessment
  • You complete the assessment and print out the report
  • Simultaneously we receive the report
  • You go through it page by page according to our instructions
  • When that is completed we arrange a meeting to debrief
  • We thoroughly debrief the results with you and answer any questions
  • You identify areas for further follow-up and action
  • We teach you how to best leverage the assessment

Call us to discuss your assessment requirements. Phone our office at 705.687.2711 or contact me, here.