Do It Now

Do it now.  Those who do not procrastinate get more done with less stress and more satisfaction. Don’t put off dealing with procrastination! Having a project hang over your head for extended periods of time can be painful.

Usually there is one small (or large) piece to any project that we would love to avoid having to do. It is a bottleneck, but it will have to be faced and done sooner or later. Avoid the mental fatigue and get to it. Get it done and behind you. You will gain the satisfaction of completion and the rest of the project should progress more smoothly.

Take the time now to identify bottlenecks to your moving forward. Decide to deal with them today. Find a way around it, through it, under it or over it, but get that tough stuff done and gain momentum.

“The potential of trying new things, reaching for more and suffering a setback or a rejection, is something that, ultimately, you can deal with, whereas the fear of that event is formless, elusive, and difficult to fight. Fighting fear is like trying to sack fog; you just can’t get a handle on it.”

Dr. Phil McGraw, Life Strategies

Five Days of Action

Make a list of the tasks or projects you procrastinated on until it hurt. How might outcomes have been different if you had simply got to work? Is this a habit that needs radical reversal? Determine that if it needs doing and it’s in your power to do it, it will be done now.

Take something that has been hanging there unfinished, waiting for you, and just get it done. Create an action plan and do it today. Break through.

Resolve to be proactive and the kind of person that doesn’t wait for others to act first. Become an action taker.

Today, learn to recognize bottlenecks. Being able to accurately identify a bottleneck and put a name to it is half the battle towards getting it done. If you can name it, you can do something about it. What are your bottlenecks? Your organization’s?

Deal with bottlenecks. Be conscious of your own resistance to action. Find a way around it, through it or over it but determine to get on the other side of it today. Don’t stop until you’re finished.