Eliminate Scraps of Paper

Eliminate scraps of paper. The greatest argument for having a day-planner or a notebook is looking at a desk and wall that are covered with notes on scraps of paper. In most of real life, organization is critical to greater effectiveness, and those who are organized carry themselves more professionally and effective than those who are not.

Most people lose information because it is buried under more information that they have now stuck ‘somewhere’ so they would remember it. Do they? Most times not.

Record online, get yourself a notebook or organize your day-planner and put everything in it. Carry it with you. Take it in your vehicle. Make it small enough to travel to meetings. Then you know exactly where to find the note you wrote. Whatever it is … eliminate scraps of paper.

“Don’t waste time ranting about the ‘so-called paperless office’. We all know this one was a bit of a con. I won’t rant on here, so neither should you. Get on with your tidying.”

Judi James, More Time, Less Stress

Five Days of Action

Be honest: can you immediately retrieve any notes you have written? If not, why not? Today take the time to imagine working without scraps of paper and or computerized bits that are easily lost. Imagine being able to put your hands on the information you want, when you want it.

If you have an electronic organizer of some sort, start fully using it today. Cold turkey, just start. If you don’t really need the technology, get yourself a notebook into which you can put anything written. Get it out of your head and into an organized system. No more scraps.

Create a system for arranging notes. Put in each days date. Carry a special notebook for very specific entries if needed. Use different sections for different topics. Think about what would work for you. Don’t try to be fancy. Just be practical and create what serves your purposes.

See yourself as a well organized leader. Have an attitude of order. Picture yourself addressing situations more effectively because you know where to find what you need. Actions come from attitudes. Change your attitude. Combine that with your new system and you are well on your way to greater effectiveness.

Pass this strategy on to your staff. No more valuable information on bits and pieces of paper lying lost somewhere. It gets put in the right place immediately.