Time flies when you enjoy the journey. Lighten up and enjoy life today. There will be enough troubling days that come along over the years. We don’t need to purposely create them.

Enjoy the Journey

Laugh, enjoy people and spend time with your family. Try to help someone or bring a smile to their face every day. A happy attitude will make your life rich and rewarding. And that happiness is good time management.

Happy people with good attitudes tend to live longer, enjoy better health and make an impact on others around them. They take fewer sick days. Over a lifetime, that could literally add up to years of available productive time. So let a smile bubble up from your heart and spread over your face. Enjoy the journey.

“We must return to being more than the personalities we have shrunk to during the course of growing up.”

Brad Blanton, Radical Honesty

Five Days of Action

Take some time to reflect on whether or not you are a happy person. Happiness is a choice. Good attitudes go far. This is big, but make the choice to go through this day being positive and happy. Whatever their lot in life, you know people who are enjoying the journey. Start enjoying yours.

Today is a day to lighten up. Regardless of your work and responsibilities, lighten up on yourself and others. It doesn’t mean you overlook critical faults. It means you operate from a different personal energy and attitude. It will be far more attractive to others and more rewarding for you.

The Boy Scouts want to “do a good deed every day”. How could you adopt this attitude and turn it into action for this week? Find that one thing – it doesn’t have to be large – that will bring joy into someone else’s life. It will make you feel good too.

Make up your mind today to enjoy living. Take a much bigger perspective on your life and leadership. The two are not separate. Be a different person on the outside because you have made a fundamental choice to be different on the inside. This may be a big shift in your thinking. Make it.

Be on the outlook for books, articles, movies or documentaries on people who have faced adversity and challenges with a whole different attitude than the rest of the population. Let their stories inspire and instruct you in your new approach to living.