If after reading the following FAQ Executive Coaching information, you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Contact Gary, either via contact form OR phone 705.687.2711.
  • We will have a phone or Skype conversation to explore your concerns and discuss working together.
  • We send you a coaching agreement which you will sign and return with the first month’s retainer.
  • We begin coaching and working on achieving your desired outcomes.

We are privileged to serve an international clientele of leaders, executives, owners, senior management and professionals from corporate, business, government, nonprofit, ministry and community organizations.

The average length of time a client works with us is currently 13 months. Some have been clients for several years, others a matter of a few months.

Yes. We follow a common start-up process for each coaching engagement. After that the coaching itself is specific to each individual or organization according to their needs.

Company or organization issued cheque, PayPal or electronic transfer – OR – Personally issued cheque, Paypal or electronic transfer.

Senior Coach, Gary Wood has been a leader, worked with leaders and trained leaders since 1974. In 1998 he began G.E. Wood and Associates, a full-time, professional coaching firm.

We believe in complete confidentiality. We also believe in continuous program evaluation. We have a series of tracking documents that allow management and the staff member to speak about and review the coaching together if so desired. We only speak with the sponsor when there has been prior agreement and clearly defined parameters. Of course we have a professional duty to report threats of harm to self or others and egregiously illegal actions.

If a potential client is not ready, willing and able to coach, there is no use forcing the issue. A person must be coachable, ready to think about themselves and their behaviors and willing to make needed changes if that might be indicated.

Therapy is about pain, the past and a pathology that focuses on uncovering and recovery. Coaching is about learning and development with a focus on discovery, maximizing possibilities and moving forward in the future. We coach. We do not do therapy.

Yes. Those who coach your team will be coaches certified through the International Coaching Federation or Christian Coaches Network International, specifically instructed and trained by us for their coaching assignments. If you need further information on executive coaching for your staff, do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation meeting to discuss your situation.

We coach owners, executives, senior leaders and managers, but if we are coaching with an organization-wide engagement, we’re perfectly comfortable coaching with any other professional within the organization and have done so many times.

We work internationally with corporate, small business, government and nonprofits. And we do a lot of work with small Christian organizations that have serving people as their mandate.

Generally we can. There are very few cases where someone’s schedule is so out of the ordinary that we are not able to find common time to meet.

Terminology and perhaps degree. The quality of the coaching will be exactly the same. The topics you bring to the table may vary, depending on your position and responsibilities and what you are dealing with.

No we do not. We will know from your application and certainly by our first few minutes of the introductory conversation whether we feel we can be of good service to you and whether or not you are the type of client we feel we can be of service to. Both client and coach must be a good match in order for the coaching relationship to be most effective.

Yes we do. Many ministry leaders have worked with us. Please call and outline your situation. Be prepared to tell us how much you feel you are able to pay for coaching and why our services would be of benefit to you. We’ll consider your application.

As a minimum we want to do some type of behavioral style assessment as a starting point. We do very thorough debriefings to allow the client to see themselves clearly. All of our assessments provide a reference point for discussion of objectives and for tracking progress. Depending on the client, the company and their objectives we will use further assessments as needed.

Yes. The agreement will spell out confidentiality, fees, logistics, the nature of our working together and the responsibilities of each of us during the engagement. It will also cover session cancellation and disclosure policy.

English. If required and if possible we will access and train professional coaches who will coach in your language of choice.

You are allowed to finish at any point in time. You will have paid for the month of coaching you are currently in. You will be billed no further and a refund, if required, less modest administrative fees, will be assigned.

Except for some individuals dealing with burnout, we require that all engagements provide periodic testimonials that may be used publicly on our website and in our literature. There is no need to be silent about a good thing. And there is value in being able to articulate the benefits of the coaching you are receiving.

Again, if you still have questions after reading the above FAQ Executive Coaching, please do not hesitate to contact us.