Fund Your Actions

Adequately fund your actions that lead to your goals.

Trying to do something without the adequate funds to do it is frustrating. It slows things down and creates stress and waiting. Fund your goals. Get the needed funds in place before commencement. Then when you begin you can consistently move forward without delay.

A lot of time is spent worrying about money, and rightfully so – you have to have it. Things move so much smoother when that detail is taken care of.

Prepare a budget prior to your program or project. Know what you need and when you will need it. Build this into any negotiations or requests for funding. Get a solid commitment before beginning.

“Your business idea is only as good as your determination to do it better than anyone else has ever done it before, or will conceivably do it in the future.”

Michael Gerber, Awakening the Entrepreneur Within

Five Days of Action

Today, think about money and your relationship to it. Do you have adequate funding to move your priorities forward? If funding is not a problem, have you allocated sums to target the right outcomes? Trying to achieve priorities without the necessary financial undergirding just produces stress and delay. Create a plan and get this sorted out today.

How much time do you spend worrying about money? What beliefs do you have about money that may actually be holding you back? What situations have you gotten yourself into that are creating stress? Resolve today to make the changes in thinking and action that are needed.

Do you have a budget for your project, program or cause? If not, create one. Get help from someone if you need it, but get the most realistic numbers on paper that you can come up with. If you don’t know where you are going, where you are starting from and what it will take to get there, you’ve got a real clarity problem that will keep creating stress. Plan now.

Do you have a project that will require outside funding? Don’t wait until the last minute to seek those funds. Start preparing now. Start early in order to reduce the level of stress and avoid having to push back deadlines because of funding delays.

If you have your financial ducks in a row for an upcoming project, take the time today to be thankful for that. Many projects are not adequately funded and result in increased levels of stress for those who wish to move them forward.