Get Your Finances in Order

Get your finances in order. That order means freedom. Bills are paid on time. There is reserve set aside for the future and the unexpected. There are adequate resources to play, refresh and renew. You can enjoy generosity and the thrill of sharing.

Freedom means you don’t worry, that you can give one hundred percent of your attention to whatever your priorities are. Nothing is happening in the background of your mind to divert your attention from daily tasks. Having your finances in order allows you to operate at your very best.

Money concerns can be debilitating, and the seven figure leader can experience the same problems as the five figure one. Money is a big topic. Worries about it can consume huge amounts of thinking time, so take control of your money. Don’t let it take control of you.

“No matter how much or how little material wealth a person has (and everyone has some), he must be careful not to “treasure” it. He should be grateful for it, he is free to enjoy it, but he must not ascribe to it worth beyond its due.”

Randy Alcorn, Money, Possessions and Eternity

Five Days of Action

Today is the day to begin working on your relationship with money, and yes, you do have a relationship with it. It’s either in good shape or it’s not. Find out what you believe about money. Examine your commitment to it. Notice the structures you’ve created around it. Be honest about the actions you’ve taken with it. Define the outcomes you want for your money.

This is a planning day. Based on yesterday’s work, what did you determine needs to happen with your money? Are you in great shape? Do you need to make an attitude adjustment? Do you need to find out how to handle some aspect of your money better? Draft a plan to get your financial house in order.

If you are having challenges with planning for and managing money, there are many quality resources that outline simple plans for improving your financial health. Take time today to scan through a number of books or websites and see if one would be of assistance. Determine to become a continuous financial learner. Healthy finances depend more on what you do with your money than how much of it you make.

Take the first steps towards your financial plan today. If your finances are in good shape, begin to work on getting them in great shape. If you are in trouble, take the first steps to change course. Determine to never again be a slave to money by not having a plan. If it’s still too much for you, find an expert who can assist you. Keep momentum.

You have placed yourself on a path to financial freedom. You are not going to be enslaved to debt. Notice the energy that gives you to devote to other priorities. As money ceases to be a worry, your energy, effectiveness and productivity can go up. Make a commitment to yourself and your family to operate differently from here on in.