Good relationships reduce burnout in organizations. When you know and enjoy the people you work with and burnout is non-existent, there’s something to look forward to each day when you arrive at work. Otherwise it can be stressful.

Real friendships at work that go further than the day-to-day back and forth of business communication are why many key leaders and professionals love their work. We need community. We need positive friendship-based relationships with other people in our organizations.

But when that is absent, it’s a killer. And sadly, we live in a climate where far too many professionals spend their time looking over their shoulders. Everyone is watching their job, trying to be politically correct. Stress prevails and relationships are shallow. Some people even refrain from establishing much by way of relationships because they know they could be let go at any time. This is especially so in far too many corporate settings.

A friendship-based relationship is one that doesn’t have large pressure to it. It is one that cares for who you are as a person versus who you are as an employee, a peer, a boss or what you are or are not doing within the organization.

Friendships are what truly make us live and give us joy. Where there is no room for friendships, there will be a less than fulfilling situation that creates a prime environment for job burnout.

Tension filled, stressful relationships may be the worst of all business experiences. In the list of priority actions to avoid burnout, dealing with the people stuff is at the top.