If you are looking for help choosing an executive Coach for personal and professional development or for coaching to advance the organization:

  • Be clear on what you want to achieve
  • Engage a full-time professional Coach
  • Ask about International Coaching Federation affiliation
  • If Christian, ask about Christian Coaches Network International affiliation
  • Evaluate training and credentials
  • Ask about life, business and other relevant experience
  • Ask questions, trust your intuition – there needs to be a fit
  • Look for an approach that challenges your thinking
  • Remember you are investing in your life, not purchasing a commodity
  • Location is a minor consideration
  • Coaching is largely an unregulated profession. Anyone with minimal money and a telephone can hang out their shingle, advertise some personal or leadership development ‘program’, and call themselves a coach … and buyer beware … they do. Remember, when you are choosing an executive coach for yourself or key leaders in your firm – anyone can call themselves a coach.

1. We Will Help You Be Clear on What You Want to Achieve
We will help you outline what it is you would like to accomplish. The clearer we can help you be about what you want to achieve, the better will be the results of our coaching together. Using our ROI tracking system, you will identify clear objectives. Tracking your progress will be a regular and ongoing process.

2. When You Work with Us, You Will Work with a Full-time, Seasoned, Professional Coach
There are many who only coach part-time while doing something else. There is no problem with this if they are a new Coach, or on track to becoming a full-time coach. If they are simply supplementing income by coaching on the side, while struggling to pursue a different career, beware. You are choosing an executive coach and some are only too happy to oblige under whatever title you want them to be.

3. Our Coaches are Members in Good Standing with the International Coaching Federation or Christian Coaches Network International
If someone claims to have expertise in a field, they should have affiliation that shows: they are committed to and governed by professional standards of practice and that they adhere to a code of ethics for that profession. We are and we do.

4. We Have Specific Training and Credentials in Professional Coaching
Our Coaches are credentialed through the International Coaching Federation which means they received training from accredited organizations and they passed rigorous written, oral and peer examination to receive broadly accepted and recognized credentials.

Remember that coaching is not training, therapy, consulting, mentoring or pastoring. Because someone did these things does not make them a coach. Our coaches have amassed thousands of hours spent in one-to-one professional coaching of individual clients.

5. We Have Broad Life, Business and Other Related Experience
We don’t have to know your business. It isn’t necessary that we have gone through exactly the same experiences as you. But let’s face it, a broad depth of life experience is an asset. We have it.

The Coach’s expertise and experience in life, business, leadership and personal growth may complement the very goals you bring to the table and help you think and move forward in new ways. We believe in the value of maturity and the wisdom it brings.

6. We Want You to Ask Questions, Sense That It is Right and Ensure a Good Match
This may be the most important factor in choosing an executive coach. You need to sense that we really understand who you are and where you want to go. Don’t make your judgement based on the fact that a potential coach enjoys baseball just like you. You are not looking for a friend. You are choosing an executive coach.

  • Do you have a good rapport?
  • Did you like their style of conversing, personality and approach?
  • Can you be open and honest with this person?
  • Are they a good listener?
  • Are they supportive of you and your goals?
  • Do they address the topic you brought to the call?
  • Did they challenge your thinking?
  • Were their questions penetrating beyond niceties?
  • Can you see yourself enjoying an ongoing relationship with them?
  • Was there an energy on the call?
  • Did you feel motivated?
  • Can this Coach help you accomplish your goals?
  • Did anything about their worldview bother you?
  • Would you trust them with details of your life and leadership?
  • Would they value your observations, no matter what?

7. We Will Challenge You to Better Thinking
We will engage and challenge you around your concerns and help you gain clarity and identify options. Finally we’ll let you decide what is best for you, without judgement of your choices. We’ll do everything we can to provide the momentum to move you out of your comfort zones, through your self-imposed barriers and forward to your desired outcomes.

8. When You Work with Us, You Are Investing in Lifetime Success
When choosing an executive coach, low fees don’t always mean good service. And high fees don’t always mean better service. Be careful. Do not look at a Coach as you would some vehicle in a dealership. Coaches are not interchangeable and all coaches are not equal.

You cannot go out shopping for the best price. You are not looking for a vehicle. You are looking for someone to partner with to assist you in moving you or your organization forward in a substantive way. That’s a much bigger and more significant proposition.

9. Location is a Minor Consideration
Many executive coaches work internationally by phone. That is the case with G.E.Wood. Occasionally you may need to meet your Coach, but it is often not required at all.

If your criteria is that you ‘must’ have a local coach and you are looking for an executive coach near Toronto , Ontario, Canada, that is our location. Depending on the type of engagement we are happy to meet with you. But for 99% of the coaching, we will work by phone and do on-sites only as it may be needed.