Do you have a lack of confidence to deal with burnout? Afraid that after you attempt some changes you’ll still land right back in the same old situation all over again? It doesn’t have to be. You can change your thinking and take more effective actions. And I’ve worked with many leaders and professionals who have.

Burnout and lack of confidence are often closely connected. This uncertainty in moving forward is a subtle and pervasive attitude to have if we really want to beat burnout. We’re afraid that no matter what we do, we’ll most likely end up right back where we were before. I think there can be a lot of reasons for this, but mostly it may have to do with hesitation in establishing some new standards for yourself and then protecting those standards with clear boundaries and determination.

Maybe you don’t know how to make something last. You may have done something about your situation in the past. You may have taken steps to reduce the stress that you were feeling only to find that in a short period of time we were right back doing the same old things again. Either you went back to the same old habits or somebody else said, “jump”, and you did. In other words, it didn’t work the last time, so why should I try it again?

You need a plan to make sure this move towards wellness works. You need to reinforce your new standards and their protecting boundaries. You need the confidence to know that it will work. Maybe you need to work with an Executive Coach like myself. Either way, you don’t have to stay where you are. Sometimes if you have a lack of confidence to deal with burnout decisively, you need to import confidence in the form of your Coach. A Coach will hold up the new vision for you and keep moving you toward it in a sustainable way.

Are you beginning to see how subtle these reasons can be that hold us back from taking steps to beat burnout?

We can justify almost any behavior to ourselves under the right circumstances. And that may be the very barrier that stops us from getting the help in making the changes that are needed in our life, work or our leadership.

Don’t let this be you. Decide today to do whatever will be needed to get rid of this crippling stress.