We make use of 3 leadership assessment tools. One is professionally developed, researched and validated. The other two, we have created simply as a quick means of looking at your own situation and giving you what you need to create an action plan.

DISC Assessment

Highest quality, researched and validated, DISC Assessment which you complete online. This is not a knock-off. The assessment, along with the debrief, will allow you to understand yourself in a way you may never have before.

This is the assessment tool organizations use to gain critical insight into individuals they are considering for key leadership positions, high-contribution advances or participation in a program of advanced leadership skill development. Read all about this assessment below.

Our In-House Personal Effectiveness Assessment

We developed this assessment to allow you to gain a quick read of your skill level against 52 basic productivity strategies. If you want to pursue absolutely practical but profound leadership skill development, this is the place to start.

We provide the free assessment, a free PDF of Gary’s book, 52 Solutions for Those Who Need a 25 Hour Day, and all 52 strategies and 5 days of self-coaching and action for each strategy right on this website.

Work with Gary to create an intentional program of implementation. You’ll be a more productive and effective professional one year from now.

Get your copy of the Personal Effectiveness Assessment, here.

Personal Effectiveness Assessment

Our In-House Overload Assessment

We created this assessment, so you could get a glimpse of those things that have been reported to contribute to overload and burnout. We believe there is an increasing intensity from stress to overload to burnout.

The Overload Assessment will allow you to assess yourself against these factors. Hopefully the insight you gain will give you the information you need for good decision-making when it comes to taking action, to either prevent or deal with burnout.

Get your copy of the in-house Overload Assessment, here.

Overload Assessment

Reduce Stress, Elevate Contribution

When combined with a thorough debriefing the proper leadership assessment tools can help you identify strengths to build on and pinpoint critical areas to address and improve upon. They can help you choose the right leader or prevent you from choosing the wrong leader.

We use an array of assessments designed by TTI Performance Systems. Ongoing research places TTI’s DISC Assessment as one of the most highly validated assessments on the market.

We find these DISC assessments help clients improve and enhance personal and professional performance.

  • Use it BEFORE you make critical hires

  • Use it BEFORE you choose a new leader for your organization

  • Use it when you want to develop and deepen your talent base

  • Use it for succession planning

  • Use it in further developing your high-potential leaders

As an example of what you will experience read about the Executive Assessment and the Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values assessment.

What This Means for You at Work

Every day you deal with challenges and conflict from your job, other people and your own self-talk. That can drain you of energy, cause stress and take away from enjoying your work and everyday life. Performance can certainly be affected. The quality of your leadership can be diminished. It doesn’t have to happen.

Your ability to continually re-energize, adapt to change and grow as an individual and a professional are critical skills for career survival and success. Our leadership assessment tools combined with the proper review will be indispensable tools in helping you do that.

The Debrief Coaching is Critical

The value is in the debrief. Simply reading your assessment isn’t enough. We’ve heard of far too many leaders and professionals who got virtually no value out of a perfectly fine assessment because of shoddy follow-up debriefs. You can’t afford this to happen.

Our work together will not only help you understand yourself, but understand and recognize the behavioral styles of others and how they might respond to stress.

Understanding how you behave, why you behave that way and how others might be expected to behave in any given situation is powerful information to understand … at work, at home and throughout life.

Here’s How it Works

  • You contact us, and we discuss the best way to use these leadership assessment tools, for you.

  • We send you a link to take the assessment online.

  • You complete the assessment and print it out.

  • Simultaneously we receive the assessment.

  • You go through it page by page highlighting key insights we ask you to take note of

  • When that is completed we arrange a meeting to discuss the report.

  • We thoroughly debrief the results, spending time on identified potential sources of stress.

  • We also identify areas for personal and professional growth.

  • We teach you ‘speed reading people’ skills to make this extremely practical. You will be able to quickly profile people you have to interact with.

  • You identify changes that will positively address your situation.

  • We ‘fine tune’ those actions in order to maximize opportunities for success.

To arrange a DISC Assessment, or to inquire about further details, please use the Contact form.