Christian Executive Coach Gary Wood

I provide leadership coaching for Christian executives in United States and Canada.

I’ll work with you, a member of your leadership team, or a mix of key leaders, managers and professionals across your organization.

All coaching with each individual is private and confidential. I have one goal, and that is to help you see yourself and your situation clearly and know what to do next.

No matter the environment you work in – faith-based or secular – I am perfectly comfortable coaching you or members of your team.

Here’s what my clients asked for leadership coaching around in a recent sample week:

  • Thinking through implications and details around the purchase of a new business

  • Creating a plan for hiring a key team contributor after a valued one leaves

  • Overseeing the transfer of critical public infrastructure

  • Seeking to understand what God might be up to in a personal situation

  • Working on next strategic steps of a global initiative with multiple stakeholders

  • Working on the next stage of recovering from dealing with burnout

  • Elevating contribution and impact in senior leadership team meetings

  • Improving confidence as a newer member of the executive team

You can see that the coaching conversations covered a lot of ground. Most often clients limit the actual coaching call to one topic, sometimes two. All of the above were separate clients. I am often used as a sounding board for thinking through potentially complex situations prior to broader discussion with other leaders or board members.

Please initiate a conversation with me. As a mature follower of Christ, and a credentialed professional coach, I provide leadership coaching for Christian executives. We can explore in what way you think I might be able to be of assistance to you. It would be an honor to speak with you. Send me a message here.