Let Your Purpose Determine Your Schedule

Let your purpose determine your schedule. Many people just let life happen to them. They don’t make plans or attempt to create a better future. They don’t take charge of their life in those areas in which they could have some control.

Granted, we can’t control everything that will happen to us. But we don’t have to be fatalistic. We do have freedom and capacity given to us by the Creator to influence many of the outcomes in our own life.

So, what is your purpose? What are you here on planet Earth for? Do you have something you would like to do, be or see happen? Determine from this moment to make plans and take action steps toward those dreams.

Translate those action steps into your daily schedule.

“You must stop focusing on getting more stuff done. You instead must focus on results that matter. “

Jennifer White, Work Less, Make More

Five Days of Action

Today is another thinking day. What is your purpose for being on Earth? What were you uniquely created to be or accomplish? Don’t strive to be or do something you think you should do or be. Just seek to accomplish your unique purpose without judging whether or not it is newsworthy. That’s what matters.

Most people are discontented but continue to let life happen to them. They often take the victim’s role. Today, decide to live with purpose. Lift your head. Realize you are here for a reason, and live it out today. Walk like you are going somewhere.

Look at your schedule over the last few weeks. Does it reflect your purpose? Is it advancing the personal development and contribution you want to make? Maybe your day planner needs to be more reflective of those things that matter. Start creating time for purposeful living. If it’s worth living for, it’s worth putting into an action plan.

Make a list with the following heading at the top. “I don’t have a choice to:” List everything that you honestly don’t believe you have a choice about. List those things you don’t believe you have any ability to influence. Now ask yourself what’s true and what you’re just believing in spite of the facts. Change course.

People who have a purpose in life are much more interesting to be around. They are more confident and directed. They know what they can be involved in and what to say “no” to. Resolve from today forward to be a person of purpose.