Don’t manage your image for others.

Don’t manage your image for others. Performance takes up huge amounts of emotional energy and time. Managing your image is costly. Live your own life, not the life you think others want you to live. Be the authentic you. Others will either accept you or distance themselves from you, but that’s about them, not at all about you.

Being the real you will allow you to follow your own schedule. It will allow you to say “No” more often and to say “Yes” to more of the things you enjoy and can make a great contribution to. That spells real freedom.

Performers hesitate. They lose time because they are waiting for the signals they need to perform for those who control them. Often they don’t even know they are doing it. Are you a performer? For whom? Purposely stop performing and start living your own life.

“If you want for yourself the abilities or qualities you see in someone, go after them because they will make you a better you, not because they might somehow earn you someone else’s life. Make them part of your life and express them as only you can.”

Dr. Sidney Simon, Getting Unstuck

Five Days of Action

Today answer one really big question: do you feel valuable? On what is your sense of personal value built? Because of who you are? Because of what you do? Because of your creation in the image of God? Something else? This will determine so much moving forward. Set your bearings straight.

Take today to assess how much you perform for others. Are you the real deal? Are you a ‘what you see is what you get’ person and leader? It’s time to be brutally honest. How much of your life is spent managing your image for other people? Determine to let go of the need to perform for anybody. Be the authentic, great you.

Don’t carry out anybody else’s mission for them today. It’s theirs. They have to live it. Similarly, carry out your own mission today. It is yours. Nobody else can live it for you.

Sometimes those who hesitate lose. Don’t wait for your cues from someone else today. Be bold. Step up and speak first if necessary. Put in your request without wondering whether or not others think you should or shouldn’t. If you are confident that you are acting with integrity and passion, step forward.

Everyone can grow. Take today to think about and make plans for your own personal development plan. What are those things you would like to concentrate on that define personal or professional growth for you? Start working on it now. Enjoy the freedom to change and grow.