Persevere. There are times when things have to be done and you truly are the only one who can do them. Sometimes, this involves tasks you may not want to do. But you persevere in order to move forward. Perseverance gets things done.

Keep going. You know that chipping away at it will bring it to completion. This period is temporary. Better activities will follow. But for now, just keep at it.

Keep a positive attitude about your task. You have the power to choose your response to situations. Choose an attitude of perseverance. Remember, perseverance builds character. It has to be done. Get it done and move on to other things.

“Too often in this culture, boldness reads as recklessness. You can call it whatever you want, but I prefer to think of it as an aggressive, stalwart belief in the future.”

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Face Your Fear

Five Days of Action

Don’t give up. Today may be a day when you feel like quitting on your task. Be encouraged. Hang in there. Keep going unless there is a really good reason to stop. Adopt a persevering attitude and seek the finish line.

Examine the wearing things you have to keep working on. Ask yourself how you might break it down into smaller parts or do something to change your perspective. Change the way you relate to it and you will probably find a better way forward.

In similar situations, what has your attitude been?Positive? Negative? Your attitude is a choice. Choose a positive, forward moving attitude today. Practice it all day long. Get downright proactive about your task and tackle it with grace and decisiveness. You have to do it, so you may as well see it through to completion with the best attitude possible.

Some life situations can be painful. They don’t fit into our timetable or go according to our wishes. A death, a life-altering illness or accident – unlike a project, this will last forever. Create a strategy for dealing with just such a situation in the best manner possible. Hopefully it never happens, but if it does, it won’t catch you totally unprepared and without a plan. Cultivate an attitude that you can do something positive with whatever happens.

Read, listen or watch about those who have persevered and overcome. Be inspired by their stories and keep pressing on.