Practice Time In, Time On and Time Out

To practice time in, time on and time out is important in the daily rush of doing all the stuff that needs to be done in business or ministry.

‘Time In’ is the time you spend actually carrying out the day to day functions of your business. You are in and absorbed with making it happen in the best manner possible.

‘Time On’ is the time you spend working on making your business better. You are planning and developing strategy for moving the business forward. ‘Time On’ is stepping back from the day to day and looking at the bigger picture, where you want to go and how you are going to go about getting there.

‘Time Out’ is what it says; taking time out from the business to relax and renew. It is time to reward hard work and good planning with rest.

“Even the world’s top entrepreneurs, professionals, educators, and civic leaders get caught up in projects, situations, and opportunities that are merely good, while the great is left out in the cold, waiting for them to make room in their lives. In fact, concentrating on merely the good often prevents the great from showing up, simply because there’s no time left in our schedules to take advantage of any additional opportunity. “

Jack Canfield, The Success Principles

Five Days of Action

Think about your schedule. What percentage of the time does Time In, Time On and Time Out occupy each week? Be honest. Do you consider this allocation balanced? Healthy? Effective? Temporary? Undesirable? What needs to change? Huge dividends can be yours by paying attention to this area. Take lots of time to think about it. This is quality Time On – time working on your life, business or cause.

If it’s a priority, schedule it. Today schedule Time On. Put it right on your calendar. Schedule daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly planning time. Schedule planning retreats both for yourself and your staff. Make examining the big picture a priority.

Spend today thinking about how you can be more effective in your Time In. Which of the 52 Solutions do you need to implement right away? Take immediate action.

Today is about Time Out. Either take it or plan it. Are you active? Are you spending quality renewal time, not mixed up in any way, shape or form with work? Are you spending time having fun with friends and those you love? Are you investing in their lives and allowing them to invest in yours? Make needed changes to your attitude and actions, starting today. Surprise everyone with the new you.

Celebrate being a changed person. Congratulate yourself for making some of the most essential changes any leader can make. Lock in the work you’ve done this week as habit. It is going to change your life, your work and your leadership.