My passion, my focus, my calling if you will, for many years now, has been to work alongside and serve Christian men and women who lead causes, projects and programs that benefit people.

I was encouraged today by a paragraph in a J. Sidlow Baxter devotional from his book Awake My Heart. This passage shows what God is willing to do with men and women … indeed any leader including those who direct the affairs of a nation … who will “receive”. When we discern what it is He wishes to do in the time in which we live and we pray and make ourselves available to Him, there is no telling what can be accomplished.

“All the blessings in our own country, we owe to the fact that Jesus came, in the days of our forefathers. All the noblest legacies of our social order come, either directly or indirectly, from  the impact of the Christian faith upon our history. our democracy, our public educational system, our universities, our philanthropic and healing institutions – trace them all back to their origins, and what do you find? We own them all to JESUS, the great Liberator of men and nations. It is JESUS who has always proved the supreme Benefactor.”

Be encouraged Christian leader, executive, owner, professional. As you receive His grace for your efforts this day, there is no telling what He might set in motion for the good of those around you.