Here are answers to your questions about job burnout and how we handle working with the client. If you don’t find the information you are wanting here, don’t hesitate to connect with us at 705.687.2711 or through the contact form.

Join Gary and other participants on one of his upcoming Beat Burnout Calls. It’s free. Sometimes there are several attendees. Other times you might be the only one. You can ask questions and benefit from Gary’s insight at no cost or commitment to you. Note that you do need to register for the call.

While we can’t make any specific promises, we do have a particular concern for those leaders currently experiencing significant stress. At the very least we will arrange a conversation with this person to address some of their initial concerns and questions about job burnout. A sense of hope is often one of the key needs at a time like this. If we believe we can be of assistance, we’ll consider providing coaching as soon as we could fit them in our schedule.

Yes. There is a difference between clinical burnout where the individual exhibits a pathology and what we call cultural burnout where there is still room for change to avoid clinical burnout happening. We have provided coaching in tandem with other care professionals. However, where warranted, we will suggest individuals work with professionals other than ourselves.

This is not uncommon because situations within the organization often give rise to job burnout. However, your intervention and care for the leader or executive involved and the coaching intervention may allow you to retain an individual who will have increased capacity to work with greater effectiveness within the organization. Again, we can’t guarantee it, but the individual will often stay if they get good coaching early.

Yes. Client information and conversations are always confidential unless you indicate you are going to do immediate harm to yourself or perpetrate something that is egregiously illegal.

I have been professionally coaching leaders, executives and individuals experiencing overload and burnout for over 23 years. I developed a complete system (Clarity & Momentum Thinking) to assist leaders to regain productivity and effectiveness.

Yes we do. It involves 3 steps. But first we’d like to work with you to avoid it happening in the first place.

FirstPrevention – Avoiding burnout altogether.
SecondResolution – Dealing with your immediate situation.
ThirdTransition – Finding and adopting new strategies.
FourthContinuity – Moving forward with consistent results.

Maybe, but we don’t have to. We will speak to those you will give us permission to speak to. We would like to speak with your spouse if that’s at all possible. We’ll leave it to you whether or not you want us to speak with an employer or partner. Oftentimes burnout is not well understood, so we understand you may be feeling the need for privacy.

While we have expertise in dealing with burnout, you will have to investigate if our engagement fee would be eligible for insurance purposes. We have nothing to do with any insurance programs. Our short answer is ‘we don’t know’. Please direct your questions about burnout and coverage to your insurance provider. We deal strictly with you.

No we do not. Since we work internationally, we have no way of knowing who the quality professionals are in any particular area.

Absolutely. If you or someone you care about is experiencing significant stress and you have further questions about burnout and your situation, you can have a direct conversation with Gary Wood.

Gary’s office number is 705.687.2711. You may have to leave a message, but he will get back to you as promptly as possible. Or use the contact form on this site. We want to answer your questions about job burnout and how our specialized and experienced coaching can assist you.