The key to developing new habits is to first develop the mind. Therefore read books on time management. It is in our thinking that the seeds of better practices are planted. Read to feed you mind with ideas and techniques that have been used to help others reach greater effectiveness.

Read Books on Time Management

Including this series, there are hosts of books and articles that you can access. After reading, take an index card or your memo book and record one or two strategies that you could take action on immediately. Review them daily. Next week take one or two more. After several weeks you will have established new habits that will not only save you time but actually create found time for you.

It has probably been written about somewhere. Find it and incorporate it.

“The person who never turns talents into skills is a person about whom others say, “He had so much ability. He just never did anything with it.”

Tim Lavender, Achieving Personal Greatness

Five Days of Action

Make a list of the books about time management you have read in the last year. How did they feed your mind? Were you intentional about taking action? What principles and strategies did they offer that you actually began to use?

Check your personal library for books on time management, self management and priority management. Pull a few down and skim through the content for the big points. Refresh your memory with the principles and strategies that allow people to accomplish what is important to them.

Since a 1% improvement each week for 10 weeks is a 10% improvement, pick one strategy and implement it today. Don’t procrastinate. Next week add one more. Keep on doing this until you are satisfied.

Today, become a note taker. When you read a helpful practice, jot it down and try to implement it immediately. Use your note as a reference for several weeks until the practice becomes habit.

Play a bigger game. Determine to eliminate at least one hour of wasted time from your day. Once you achieve that, eliminate another hour of wasted time.