Reject Busyness as Something to Brag About

Are you ready to reject busyness as something to brag about. Or will you hold on to it for now?

“How are things going?”


It seems like that is the first thing out of our mouths.

Resolve to change your speech. Never say that you are busy again. Refuse to be a part of the Cult of Busy. Resolve to bring balance into your life. You will be more effective and have more time at your disposal.

If you proudly wear the ‘badge of busy’, throw it away. Of course there will be times of greater intensity when you have to work hard. But be proud of getting more and more effective – not only getting more things done but getting more of the right things done. Get those things done that really make a substantial difference in people’s lives … maybe those near to you.

“Today, we hear a common cry from many quarters. A cry that attempts to get at the core of the productivity problem. The cry is for values, ethics, integrity, authenticity, character – old-fashioned values that somehow got lost in the structural shuffle of the last few decades.”

Ron Willingham, The People Principle

Five Days of Action

Do you feel pride when you tell others how busy you are? You may have bought into the Cult of Busy. Today, examine your attitudes around being busy. What prompts you to tell others how full your life is? Be honest. Is busy a bragging point for you?

Resolve never to be “busy” again. It may only be terminology, but it’s loaded. Enjoy a full, rich experience in life and at work. Work hard and smart. But don’t brag about how busy you are. Being busy may mean that you’re doing a lot of things but it doesn’t mean you’re doing the right things. Zero in on those high priorities that make a difference rather than the make-work that distracts you and wastes time.

Today, turn your attention to being effective. How much can you improve the way you do the necessary, everyday things ? How well can you align what you are doing with getting to where you or your organization really want to go? How many of the priorities that make the biggest difference will you get done today? That’s where your focus needs to be.

Some feel we may think about, plan for and work at the really important things about 20% of our time. The other 80% is time spent shuffling ineffectively from one thing to another. Imagine what you could accomplish if you captured even a small portion of that unused capacity. Skip busy. Strive for smart, focused and balanced. Take action on it today.

Smile when others tell you how busy they are. You are ahead of the game.