Over years of working with leaders, we have developed a proven, sustainable and results oriented coaching process.

Though not explicitly discussed on every coaching call, our seasoned approach consistently accelerates positive change, whether improving personal performance or addressing organizational performance. It has been tested and refined over thousands of hours of professional coaching.

Our results oriented coaching methodology incorporates many of the elements you will recognize from currently accepted corporate performance models, yet uniquely recognizes and allows for the fact that people are infinitely variable, and bring to each situation their own set of marked behaviors and attitudes which must be taken into account.

For Accelerated Change …

Define Outcomes – Identify the objectives you wish to achieve
Get Clarity – Access all relevant information that might apply
Take Ownership – Continuously address issues of motivation
Create Structure – Establish a plan and systems to support success
Keep Momentum – Implement, evaluate and adjust for results

Our Results Oriented Coaching Process in Practice

Outcomes: It is essential to determine what success will look like once you achieve it. The client (and sponsor if there is one) outline the goals to be reached. Knowing these targets and how they might be measured allows you to determine if you are making progress and to recognize when you have reached your prescribed targets.

Clarity: This is where we gather all the data that may be relevant to coaching you around your goals. Some data will be objective, some subjective. This includes assessments, reviews, documents, interviews, beliefs, assumptions, background material and details … in short, anything that may give us information and clues about how to best coach toward the desired outcomes while overcoming the perceived barriers.

Ownership: Unless the will is engaged step by step, it is difficult to make progress without sabotaging the process. The client learns techniques to self-monitor motivation throughout, and what to do with that knowledge. Certainty of commitment means less stress and greater momentum as you move toward your desired outcomes. An engaged attitude will determine success or failure.

Structure: In this phase you develop a plan, the road map to reaching your goals. You will create alignment, putting in place systems, both physical and human, that will best support success each step of the way. This step outlines strategic and day-to-day action plans, to-do lists, accountabilities and means of measurement and identification of step goals and final results.

Momentum: In this phase you evaluate results as they occur, continuously making improvements that move you toward desired outcomes. This keeps moving the learning, implementation and successes forward until the original goals are reached. It also serves to identify any needed adjustments in the goals themselves which new information may bring to light.

A Final Reminder

A process without masterful coaching will not generate a successful coaching engagement or achieve the desired results you want. Engaging the right executive coaching firm and working with the right coach is critical to success.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Please call us to discuss crafting a results oriented coaching engagement to your unique requirements. Phone our office at 705-687-2711 or leave a message here.