Sometimes personal boundaries are violated because we don’t speak up for ourselves. It’s true that saying no can help deal with burnout.

We need to learn how to say ‘No’ to people who do not respect our time, energy and willingness to contribute.

Boundaries are kind of like fences around your property. They stop other people from using or abusing your property. They stop others from throwing their garbage on what belongs to you. If you have no fences, anyone can throw anything they want on your property, and chances are, they will.

That’s what it’s like when we fail to say ‘no’ to people. We want to please them, and we say ‘yes’ to any and all requests for our time and involvement. We attend meetings that don’t really require our input. We allow people to interrupt us on the phone. We allow them to come into our office and talk. We allow them to continue speaking to us in ways that are irritating, and we make no objection.

There are a thousand and one ways that we allow people to violate our personal and professional standards.

That needs to stop. Preventing burnout or recovering from it require this. You need to rebuild those fences that protect your time, emotional energy and involvement so that you can be your best as you accomplish your priorities.

If need be, get some stress management coaching to decide on strategies that will be best for you moving forward in addressing this.