Fresh air

Consistently, find a place for and schedule a quiet time. The name betrays the purpose. It is a time to be quiet, a time to filter out the noise all around us. Being quiet is almost a foreign thought for many. But it is a key element in greater personal effectiveness. Quiet time, never underestimate its importance.

This time is your time. It is a time all alone. It is a time that others around you must respect and support as you walk, pray, read, think or listen to inspirational music – whatever gives you a sense of renewal and vitality.

How does this save time and make you more effective? You will find clarity of thought; new insights and a general sense of well-being come out of this time. You will be more focused, energized and conscious of where you need to go and what you need to do.

“Seizing one right moment can matter more than a hundred days of just putting in your time.”

Robert Cooper, Get Out of Your Own Way

Five Days of Action

Set aside some totally quiet time today. Get away from the noise – all of it – of everyday life. No people, no news, no noise. Don’t try concentrate on work. Your brain will be busy, but simply assume as quiet a mental space as possible. Without forcing it, see what comes up. Most people don’t allow this time to happen.

Start establishing a routine of quiet. Walk, pray, read, listen to an inspiring recording or, like yesterday, just sit quietly. Resist the urge to get on to other things. Even if you can only spend a few quality minutes, this will give your day a boost. Look at it as setting the tone for your day, afternoon or evening.

Today, record your thoughts as you take your quiet time. Don’t write a book. Just record the few key things that come to your mind. Again, see what comes up. Can you act on it later? Is it a shift from the way you have been thinking? If it can be helpful, come back later and explore your notes further.

Today, be conscious of all the noise in your environment, especially that which is irritating or distracting. Can it be stopped or decreased? Does it need to be? Would it help you or your staff to work with greater concentration? Take action.

Many of the great ideas of our time have not come at work but while thinking about other things. For most, a relaxed mind seems to have more capacity to innovate. Quiet is an important part of that. Continue with your new routine of quiet time, knowing that it will allow you to approach your day with greater calm and focus.