Space Your Appointments

Give yourself some time to breathe, space your appointments. Create some time to go to the bathroom or get to where you need to be on time. Unless you are into creating drama in your life – and I don’t recommend it – think about what reasonable length of time you need between appointments.

Even a few minutes to collect your thoughts, organize your materials, review your files and take a pause will go a long way to making you more effective for your next activity. You will be more relaxed, more prepared and more on the ball.

Track your timing and adjust accordingly. Pretty soon you will have a system in place that works for you and allows you to be at your best.

“For a lot of people, success really means escaping from where they feel trapped at the moment. Real, lasting success comes when we enjoy doing what we do every day and when we do it well.”

Peter Merrill, Do it Right the Second Time

Five Days of Action

Take an inventory of your scheduler. How much time do you allow between appointments? Have you allowed this situation to creep up on you or are you really that busy? Check your real motives and attitudes.

Knowing yourself and your situation, what period of time between appointments would allow you to refresh and be more effective? Minutes? A half-hour? More? Implement it, starting now.

As you implement your new system, adjust to make it work for you. Do you need more or less time after specific types of appointments?

Examine how you relax or renew and refresh in this interval time. Find ways of using it that leave you ready to go and maintain effectiveness for your next appointment.

Make a decision not to rush to the next event. Time your travel to make it as smooth as possible. Don’t cut your time so fine that it causes drama and stress. Start changing your patterns today.