Work With a Great Team

Seek to work with a great team. If you are responsible to a team, make sure they are quality people, conscious of the effective use of time. A productive team is gold. There may not be much you can do directly to affect who is on the team, but to the degree you do have influence, exercise it.

Quality team members want you doing the most important thing at any given point in time. By your very position, you are in place to advance the purposes of the organization. These men and women want you operating at peak efficiency.

Additionally, they don’t want you to burn out by doing too many things with too few resources and too little assistance. Allow these people to care about you and to challenge your thinking. Good people are an asset.

“Invariably, when I find a leader who is burned out, exhausted, or depressed, he or she is totally surrounded by draining relationships. The immediate staff is too weak. The leader is propping up everyone else. He’s nurturing everyone; no one is nurturing him.”

Thomas Stevenin, Win/Win Solutions

Five Days of Action

Are you responsible to a team? Take some time today to think about your team members. What influence do you have in their lives? They in yours? How are they supportive of your efforts? How plugged in are they to having you at your best? What have they been saying that you would do well to pay attention to?

What influence do you have in selecting team members? How do you go about getting quality people who can really assist in advancing the aims of the organization? Develop a long-term strategy for getting the best people you can. Be cautious of loading your team with your clones. You want people who can challenge your thinking.

Does your team believe they have the freedom to make a difference or do they see themselves as token contributors only? Create systems so their expertise and insights are utilized.

Take the time today to thank your team members for their input. Let them know that you value their efforts.

Are you on a team? Are you marking time or making real contribution? Determine to be a positive and supportive contributor. If you believe you have given all the input that you can, maybe it’s time to leave. Allow fresh energy and insight to step forward.