Need for Connection

VUCA Isn’t the Worst of It

In the midst of the much talked about Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, that companies, writers, and trainers are talking about, there may be a much more pervasive and damaging reality.

I submit that the acronym should really read, VUCAD.

The “D” may be so crucial to address, that all the others pale in comparison. I’ll leave it to experts to define the actual costs of not paying attention to D. My suspicion, after coaching leaders and professionals for 22 years, is that the cost is high.


Individuals – most certainly a LOT of leaders and professionals – feel out there, all alone. Artificial and not very substantive relationships characterize their experience. A feeling of true support and meaningful, real relationship, the kind that penetrates the mind and heart with an uplifting sense of good, seems elusive.

In the presence of real relationship, a we’re-in-this-together-attitude, and supportive collaboration, productive creativity thrives. Troubleshooting problems doesn’t devolve into watching your backside, and individual or collective contribution isn’t hijacked by someone taking the credit to climb their own self-serving ladder.

Connectedness cares about the other person, whether they are up, down, or sideways on an org chart. Connectedness takes a moment to ask about the really important stuff, things like personal well-being, family, or recent challenges faced. Connectedness respects, cares and celebrates the other’s wins and contributions.

Sure, sometimes taking the time to connect with another person doesn’t get a reciprocal response. But who says a smile and a “good morning” aren’t still the right thing to do.  More often than not these gestures, small or larger, let the individual know they matter in the grand scheme of the daily volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and uncertainty. The actions anchor the individual in the fact that they are significance and valuable, just as the Creator had in mind.

And THAT somehow makes the day easier to navigate. People matter. They always have. They always will. So, look up. Let your eyes connect with someone else, truly seeing them, valuing them, and see what happens.

Together, we are stronger alone. Truly together, we can so much better navigate any VUCA that comes our way.