Do you believe this … what you believe will affect dealing with burnout. It’s true. I’ve seen it over and over again in my coaching of leaders and executives.

You see, burnout and limiting beliefs often go hand in hand. The beliefs don’t always have to be big, just beliefs about everyday things or what we should or shouldn’t do in certain situations.

Maintaining these beliefs has to do not only with what we believe but how we interpret. We feel that to consider, question or change them would violate something we cherish to be true.

This shows up in all sorts of ways. For instance, caregivers like doctors and nurses often feel the need to keep pushing on for the sake of their patients. The only problem is they are pushing themselves toward being a patient if they don’t pay attention to what is going on. They believe so strongly in the importance of what they do that stopping doing it isn’t possible. In a way this is as challenging as negative thinking. This is also a contributing factor to such high incidences of nurse burnout, for instance.

It’s the same for pastors, teachers and others who are highly committed to what they feel they have been ‘called’ to do.

As another example, we believe we may be violating some type of a work expectation. Somehow it would be an admission of weakness to reveal that we are experiencing stress and to say that we need to find new ways of reaching our objectives. Our strong belief of what work ‘expects’ of us can keep us moving in ways that may not be good for us and which in fact may be causing us to be less effective than we could be and actually reducing the ability of the business, cause, project or program to do as well as it otherwise could.

So our beliefs right or wrong can sometimes stand in the way of us getting the help that we need. What you believe WILL affect dealing with burnout. And it will be important to examine those beliefs and sort out the truth from the fiction. Perhaps it won’t be traitorous to take time to take care of yourself. Perhaps as a Christian leader, it isn’t about you being selfish and putting yourself before others but more about yielding and allowing God to have some time to radically take care of you the way He wants to.

Think about it.