Work With a Coach

Work with a Coach and you can increase your effectiveness many times over. Having a personal – professional – coach can challenge your blind spots and encourage you to bring your thinking and actions into alignment with your strengths and values.

Elite athletes are at the top of their game. They depend on their Coaches to help them get there. Similarly you need a Coach to help you go beyond where you have traditionally gone.

Plan on a relationship spanning several years. Invest the money needed to get just the right Coach for you. This is an investment in you and should equal or surpass the investment you make in those things which depreciate in value – a car, for instance. You are your greatest appreciating asset.

“The first requirement of a successful career is getting prepared, getting qualified, and getting established in your field. The second requirement of a career is the ‘intangible’ stuff. The first requirement causes you to work hard; the second causes you to think hard.”

Debra Benton, Secrets of a CEO Coach

Five Days of Action

Take the time today to think about your future. What matters? What contribution would you like to leave as a legacy? Where are you stuck, wanting or needing something? How could a professional Coach assist you to achieve your desired outcomes? This thinking time will lay the positive groundwork for finding the right expert.

After years of coaching leaders, we know the value of working with the right professional. Review to learn about choosing your coach and what might be accomplished.

Research at least three Coaches. Choose the one that you feel is most appropriate for you and contact him or her to discuss your situation and what you would like to accomplish. Picture this person as your long time coach much like an elite athlete would. Do they have what it takes? If necessary, contact the others on your list as well until you find the right fit.

Engage your Coach. Celebrate the fact that you have initiated a relationship that will result in significant growth and momentum in your life and leadership.

Be as thorough as you can in letting your Coach know about who you are and how you operate. Give them background information, previous assessments – anything that would help them be your partner for progress and success.