Clarity & Momentum Training

Workplace productivity can be challenging when you are experiencing overload or burnout.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I take particular satisfaction in seeing individuals and organizations doing well and knowing I have made a significant contribution to that happening. I take no satisfaction in seeing men and women experiencing sustained overload or in companies, organizations or teams floundering and not achieving those things that are important to them.

Getting real clear about moving forward and creating the momentum to make that happen will be critical to our work together. No matter how stressed you might feel, you have projects, programs, company goals or causes that need to move forward. Workplace productivity is a must. And whether it’s

  • Personal – dealing with overload or burnout or
  • Tactical – planning, decision-making, troubleshooting, communicating or managing others,

Gary Wood, Workplace ProductivityI am perfectly comfortable working with your concerns and have now spent many thousands of hours doing so with others.

  • Troubleshoot organizational situations that have proven difficult to navigate
  • Zero in on what’s really going on and where the most effective next steps can be found
  • More effectively navigate working with the people and the context around you

If it’s appropriate to your situation, I’ll provide you with an advanced framework and thought-tool (The Clarity & Momentum Framework – I have other custom created tools as well) to enhance your current knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle almost any people, planning, troubleshooting, decision-making and strategic initiative you have to deal with.

  • Know where to start exploring and how to explain your rationale
  • Understand what is blocking or can accelerate progress and what to pay attention to next
  • Become more versatile in working with team players and decision-makers in any situation
  • Give your team a common language and tools to see themselves and their situation more clearly, know where they are, what they need and what to do next.

Others have referred to their “Clarity & Momentum work” with me as, “foundational, versatile, an essential tool for any leader who wishes to help others clarify and achieve their goals.”

Today, being able to reach clarity quickly and knowing exactly the best place to take action is an essential skill. No individual or organization can last long without it. True workplace productivity is dependent on it.

  • Feel confident in the value you bring to the table
  • Create momentum generating work, business or ministry decisions
  • Establish yourself as an able leader at the table or within the organization
  • Offer insights, contribute a way forward and gain a reputation for delivering
  • Zero in more quickly on what will make the biggest difference

So not only can we deal with burnout, but through our work together, you can contribute to:

  • More insightful discussions
  • More focused meetings
  • More informed options
  • More complete solutions
  • More strategic execution
  • More achieved outcomes

I never insist my clients use any particular tools or methods, but if the need is there, I want you to be aware I have the advanced think-it-through tools to help you tackle situations with new energy and insight.

Bottom line – Our focus in working together is YOU. We deal with overload or burnout AND we pay attention to those things that can accelerate your ability to move projects, programs and priorities forward.

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